About Captain Midnight

Hi there!  I am a self-professed writer and shameless opinion hack.  If cornered and forced to explain my political standing, I would confess to being a conservative with some libertarian leanings.  If you have read any of my comments up to this point, you might have picked that up already.

I am a staunch proponent of the United States Constitution and good laws in general.  I figure if laws are passed, they should be enforced, or they should be repealed.  Anything else leads to confusion.

I’m an adult American male and #1 fan of my wife, The Pirate King.  She has her own site where she waxes poetic on various topics and items, so go spend some time at www.PirateReview.com and tell her the Captain sends his compliments.

#1 Question to the Captain:  "So what’s with this ‘Captain Midnight’ name anyway?"  Glad you asked!  Back in the early 90s, I was signing on to the Random Lunacy BBS for the first time, when it asked for a pseudonym.  Since the SysOp was a serious Robert A. Heinlein fan, I picked "Captain Midnight" from The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.  Here is a relevant snippet from page 107, of my paperback copy:

"Captain Midnight, undaunted as usual, knew just what to do."

The Captain
Portrait of the Captain
by the Captain’s Niece (age 5)
pencil and crayon on paper


Devil Captain
Devil Captain
by the Captain’s Niece (age 10)
pen on paper
(Drawn after the Captain told her to do some math homework)


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