Help! Pirates have taken over my computer monitor! Happily for me, they seem more interested in their bottle of rum than writing in this blog. In the picture, you can see the red pirate has taken the bony pirate’s arm — the one holding the rum. He pushed the skeleton off the monitor, but he’s got a handhold before falling off. TPK says he should be called “Jolly Roger” or perhaps “Mr. Grim.” Judging by how he’s hanging on, the latter name sounds better.


These are Stikfas toys, specifically the Alpha Male Pirate with Skeleton. I decided that the Beta Female Warrior and Dragon needed to go to the office, and I brought the pirates home. They stare at me and say, “Arrrr you writing anything yet?”

UPDATE (3/2/2006 5:51:07 PM): The tables have turned!

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